“Alternative energy” Limited liability Company is a manufacturer of VIHs (vortex induction heaters). It was founded in 2007. The company has got a certificate and a patent on VIH.
Principles of “Alternative energy” LLC:
Individual approach to each Customer.
Cooperating with our company you contact the only project manager who solves all problems regarding your order and the choice of equipment up to the payment in installment.
Packaged supply:
Heat diagram and process flow diagram analysis;
Choice of optimal solution concerning power selection and calculation;
Development of standard or individual order;
List of equipment on a single order and production of the equipment;
Delivery of the equipment to a customer or the customer pick up;
Installation supervision.
Scope of “Alternative energy” LLC activities:
Basic activity of the company is the production of VIHs (vortex induction heaters).
Variants of application:
heating of living quarters and production premises;
work in a hot water supply system (water heating and further automated maintenance of its temperature in an accumulating tank of the system; then it is supplied to a customer).
heating of process liquids in production processes;
heating of swimming-pools (natural water reservoirs);
pasteurization of foodstuff;
production of modular boiler houses, modular units, etc.
Purpose of the company:
The main purpose of the company is to work out energy-saving and environmentally safe technologies in order to get inexpensive heat energy all over the world using recent developments in the field of power engineering and physics. Free of charge electric power production is in prospect of the company.
Our company has successfully developed and implemented vortex induction heaters (VIHs) in order to solve the following problems:

Direct heating of oil and oil products;
Production of water-fuel emulsions;
Heating of living quarters and production premises;
Heating of process liquids in production processes;
Heating of swimming-pools (natural water reservoirs);
Pasteurization of foodstuff;
Production of modular boiler houses, modular units, etc.
It provides essential savings of electric power and also the reduction of material expenses and time consumption during the equipment installation.
The VIHs (vortex induction heaters) are complete production heating equipment having the certificate of conformance and the patent. It guarantees you the getting of a high-quality and reliable instrument to solve such problems as the organizing of effective heating of industrial buildings, hot water supply, ventilation and production processes.

Customers of the company:
Our units work with success in more than 150 heat supply stations. Our sales geography comprises the territory from Canada to Korea. Our equipment is installed in a great number of Russian cities. We constantly get favorable reports regarding the efficient operation of our heaters from our dealers and representatives. The clients of our company are both private persons and small and big enterprises of Russia, near abroad and far abroad countries.
We don’t agitate you to buy our heating equipment. Our task is to focus on the problem of energy saving. After all your well-being depends on the dole of expenses for heating among your expenses for other things!

We provide people with heat!


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