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VIH units are oriented on a wide range of
consumers: from private persons (heating of flats, gardens, summer houses, cottages,
etc.) to offices and big factories. They are also used for plating baths heating
and for the hot air heating of manufactures and hangars.  The VIHs for hot water supply are in demand of
private farmers and animal production units.

Auto repair shop

Unlike to residential buildings, the temperature at some facilities is sufficient within +5, +10 ° C. Electric boiler in such facilities can be used as a local heating device for certain rooms, such as a garage or office spaces of maintenance support station.

Dwelling house


The VIH unit gives the opportunity to choose
different heat supply diagrams and temperature control in different places of a
house. It also provides simplicity, reliability and high coefficient of
efficiency. If there is a gas heat supply in the house it is possible to use
the VIH as an emergency source of heat.


The VIH provides optimization and fast redistribution
of thermal loads of a factory. It makes its heat supply system more flexible and
changeable. The VIH is an optimum alternative both as a main and an emergency source
of heat (and also for the heating of liquids in production processes).


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